Our Crew


Louis Olivier – Owner, Skipper, Dive Master.

Louis qualified as an Open Water diver in 1991 and started Pisces Diving shortly after in 1994. His passion is his work and his work is his pleasure and is the driving force behind his incredible Pisces Team. He loves diving and always finds something unique and special to share with fellow divers. “The ocean has given me the biggest gift ever, a daughter who shares my passion and the opportunity to share my love and passion for the ocean and my work with her”. His best day ever was his daughters first dive.

Favourite Ocean Creature: Great White Shark


Robyn Williams – Manager, Admin, Instructor, Dive Master.

Robyn was lucky enough to start Scuba Diving at just 10 years old and has since made it her life. She is a qualified Open Circuit and Rebreather Instructor. If you need to know what that ‘blue fish with the orange stripe’ is, then she is the one to ask. The Sodwana Bay reefs are her backyard and she is passionate about marine education and conservation.

Favourite Ocean Creature: This was a tough one, with a long internal debate, but the winner is the Scribbled Filefish


Ben Ndube and Thabani Nxumalo – Ground Crew.

Ben and Thabani are super reliable guys, they know what’s what and where everything needs to go. They look after you and your gear so you can enjoy your relaxing diving holiday. Ben joined the Pisces Team in 1997 with Thabani joining in 2008.

Favourite Ocean Creature: UmKhomo – Whale – Watching the Humpback Whales breaching.


Savannah Olivier – Instructor, Dive Master, Photographer.

Savannah is a born and bred in Sodwana, she is the original Pisces Child and spent her first couple of years in a shoe box on the beach while Mom and Dad ran Pisces Diving. It is no wonder that she grew up in the ocean waves and started her diving career at a very young age. Being priviledged to have the ocean on her doorstep, her love and knowledge of the sea has grown stronger within the years. Capturing every pinnacle of her life through her passion for photography, both above and below the waves.

Favourite Ocean Creature: Ghost Pipefish.


Rogan Borrill – Skipper, Instructor, Dive Master.

Born in Johannesburg, Rogan was an ocean child stuck in the city. As soon as he finished school he moved to the coast and is finally ‘home’. He has been diving for 12years and became a surf launch skipper in 2016. Rogan has 2 Sardine Run’s as a Dive Master under his belt and feels blessed to have experienced so many amazing ocean gifts.

Favourite Ocean Creature: Brydes Whale.


Zak – ‘Branch Manager’.

We can’t leave this happy guy out. Zak will be turning 2 years old in November 2017. He has stolen the hearts of everyone who meets him and loves the Pisces get-togethers. He is at his happy place surrounded by people having sundowners and a braai at Lake Sibiya.



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