A non-dive-life report from our DM's!

How our divemasters are surviving lockdown.. The whole world is upside down at the moment.. Every country has their own restrictions and while people in Egypt are still able go to the shopping malls, in South Africa we can’t even walk our dogs. The beaches are closed, our dive gear stored away.. As plenty of people have asked us what we do when we don’t dive (that’s all we do right?), we thought it might be time for this non-dive-life-report! While most of us are still in Sodwana, Chris and Paul evacuated to more civilised areas. Paul is enjoying his family time with his gran, his aunt, his albino Shala and obviously Carissa. Upon arrival Paul didn’t sit still and asked his beautiful Carissa straight away to marry him!! Her answer was obviously yes and they have been celebrating since!!

How are they celebrating this? Food! When we asked Paul for some photo’s of his lock-down-life we received so many photos with food in it, that I had to put this together in a collage:

While he shares most of this with his beloved granny, we just hope he brings some of that goodness back to our beautiful town!

While Paul is still bulking-up for his hibernation (there's is snow there afterall), it seems our freshly certified divemaster started his already. Chris obviously needed this hibernation after all the push-ups he had to do over this last year! He is catching up on any missed sleep and spends lots of time with the dogs. He even managed to train the dogs to take-over his house chores as you can see in the photo. We are looking forward to having Chris back as he will be well-rested!

And then there’s the lock-down life in Sodwana Bay. We’re all experiencing this in a different way and different instincts are coming out.. Louis managed to fetch our newest family member Nandi just before lockdown. Driving this orange tractor revealed the real Boer in Louis! This boer got stuck in his garden and started planting vegetables, herbs, fruits and who knows what else! It’s part of his daily routine to watch these guys grow (see photo). We all know it is hard for Louis to sit still, but we did catch Louis taking naps. Not on his bed, but on his bike. Probably dreaming of riding her around Lake Sibaya!

While Martin is a great support for Louis and his fresh veggie-patch, Martin also started feeling a real connection with the lush environment around him and his hairstyle. We’ve always considered Martin as a true rasta, but nothing is less true! Martin found the hidden Tarzan inside and by climbing trees he is taking this to a higher level for sure! He keeps fit while swinging from tree to tree and once back on the ground he is busy experimenting with cooking on the fire. He has baked several breads and daydreams about work in front of his bush-tv.

And then there’s Clayton and Anna.. Anna can still be found with her laptop most of the day. You might have seen the new Pisces-video or our Identify the Creature contest? Obviously this work no longer gets done in the Pisces Office, but Anna found good fur company in her new office! In her breaks you can find her cheering for her veggies to grow faster and cooking up storms in the kitchen. Before they wake up Anna has already asked Clay what he wants to eat that night.

While Anna keeps busy with her activities, Clayton feels it’s his job to protect his family and sneaks through the garden most of the day in his army-outfit. His army men are taking true beatings from him and his pallet-gun! There’s only one occasion when Clay changes this army-outfit for something different: when he’s busy riding and developing his off-road track around the yard. During the weekends when Anna isn’t found by the laptop, this couple might be found next to their water pond. They pretend they’re on the beach while dreaming of diving!

You might be surprised that we actually can do other things than diving. We must admit though, it is not easy! We are very fortunate to live in this paradise and are lucky to say our passion is our work. Luckily this is all temporary and we’re all in good health. We truly hope we can write you a dive-report soon, but for now you’ll have to do it with our fascinating lives!

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