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When it's great to actually not get anywhere!!

Normally when one says you’re not getting anywhere, it’s not too positive. However, with diving it generally means the opposite! When you go slow, you really experience what the reef has to offer!! And that is exactly what we did last weekend!

Conditions were absolutely beautiful! The ocean was clear and blue, about 22 degrees and there was no current at all! Although there are no big things to brag about, Neptune still blessed us with all his small hidden gems! Nudibranchs and juvenile Moray Eels seemed to be the theme of the weekend! The smallest juvenile Yellow Mouth and Honeycomb Moray Eels popped their head out of their house and we spotted a HUGE variety of different nudibranchs! So many shrimps showed face as well: different Cleaner Shrimps, Ghost Shrimps, Snow Capped Anemone Shrimps, and Sexy Shrimps. Joy for our micro-life lovers!!!

While all these little gems kept us company down there, ‘the bigger stuff’ was not totally absent. The humpback whales were singing non-stop during the dives. Once back on the boat they were breaching, blowing/breathing and spy-hopping all around!!

Another great weekend on the ocean, and many more will come!!

Photocredits to Savannah Olivier (top left & top middle) and Sue Ranson Wall (rest).

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