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Pisces diving, a small family-run divecentre

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!
Pisces Diving Sodwana Bay

Do you want to go to the outlying and lesser-known reefs? Would you like to dive as long as your air supply allows

without a specific dive time? If so, Pisces Diving is a great choice.


You will be greeted  with smiles all around by our enthusiastic, experienced and passionate team! The divemasters love

taking their clients to five, six, seven and nine mile reefs. As these reefs are further away they are not as busy as the two

mile reef and you get to explore that little piece of Africa without too much underwater traffic.


While you are underwater, the Pisces team takes it slow allowing you take it all in, this relaxed style of diving ensures that your air supply lasts longer enabling longer dive times.


You will be briefed and debriefed by the very knowledgeable team, wowed by all the small stuff underwater and if the weather is not co-operating above the sea, you might even get a free cup of hot chocolate or milo to warm you up when you are back on solid ground.


The Pisces Experience

Pisces stands for personal, safety, fun, caring for the environment. Read more about the Pisces Experience!


Our Crew

Who are you most likely to bump into when diving with us? Meet the family!


From Preparation to Debriefing

From Preparation to Debriefing, here's what you need to know..

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