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Experience the thrill of the greatest shoal on earth

Pisces Diving & The sardine run 

The Sardine Run in South Africa is recognized as one of the world’s most spectacular marine events.

Annually, from May to July, vast shoals of sardines migrate from their temperate-water home off South Africa’s southern coast and travel north-east into the subtropical coastal waters of the Wild Coast. Although one might just expect Sardines, we often see Anchovis and Mackerel as well.  

When predators like dolphins, birds and sharks meet their prey, things can go mad! The predators charge after the shoals creating densely packed bait balls and drive them up to the surface. Thousands of common dolphins, hundreds of Cape Gannet birds diving up to 30 meters down and hundreds of sharks getting involved: a bait ball can leave one absolute breathless!


Don't forget that the Humpback Whales are migrating past the coastline at this time of year, sometimes followed by the Orca's chasing the Whale Calves. Also sightings of the Bryde's Whales swallowing a whole bait ball at once are not uncommon. 

Contact us for more info about dates & prices and make sure you don't miss out on an unforgettable experience!

Sharks and large gamefish present themselves during the Sardine run!
Gamefish are after the bait balls that can be 10 - 20 metres in diameter!
Birds like the Cape Gannet take advantage of the feeding frenzy!
The Cape Gannet is the predator species most closely associated with sardine presence!
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