“Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.”

We know one of the most important things about your trip is the people you meet. At Pisces Diving we don't just want to take you on from A to B during a dive. We want to get to know you and give you an amazing experience!
Come and join our awesome team for diving and hang out with us after your dives!

Meet our family

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​Louis Olivier

Owner, Skipper, Dive Master


Louis Olivier – Owner, Skipper, Dive Master.

Louis qualified as an Open Water diver in 1991 and started Pisces Diving shortly after in 1994.His passion is his work and his work is his pleasure and is the driving force behind his incredible Pisces Team.He loves diving and always finds something unique and special to share with fellow divers.“The ocean has given me the biggest gift ever, a daughter who shares my passion and the opportunity to share my love and passion for the ocean and my work with her”.His best day ever was his daughters first dive.

Favourite Ocean Creature: Great White Shark

Brenda wheeler

Amin-Queen, Instructor, Dive Master

Brenda lived in Pretoria most of her life and Sodwana was where she would spent all her holidays. "Every time while on holiday I use to sit on the beach and wonder why so many people came to Sodwana to just dive, it seemed odd that these guys didn’t come to the sea to sit on the beach and enjoy the sun but instead they spent most of their time covered up in wetsuits and under the water." So Brenda decided to do a snorkel trip and that’s when it all started. She started her journey as a diver in 2015 and the she dived, the more she wanted to learn. In 2019 she decided to move down to Sodwana permanently and that’s when her dreams got bigger and my passion for diving just kept growing. She was planning on just going up until Dive Master but then asked herself why? "I wanted to show and share my passion with others so in 2021 I started my journey to becoming a NAUI instructor and now in 2022 I am so proud to say I DID IT. I had a dream and I went for it."

Favourite Ocean Creature: nudi's and sharks! 

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Anna Biesheuvel

Instructor, Dive Master

Anna is the permanent tourist within Pisces. Born and bred in Holland, raised as an absolute water baby with any water sport you can think of. After too many years of studying she left Holland in 2015 to travel Asia and Africa for ‘a few months’. But then she came past Sodwana and here she still is, a few years later.. Anna has a huge passion for the ocean and diving, and still feels as excited as an open water student to go diving! Eager to learn about everything in the ocean there she’s very happy to be part of this beautiful Pisces family.

Favourite Ocean Creature: The orca (although I’m still praying and hoping to bump into one)

Paul Prinsloo

Instructor, Dive Master

Paul was born and raised in a small farming town called Amersfoort (Mpumalanga). He arrived in Sodwana for a holiday in December 2015. However, he fell in love so after his holiday he returned straight away! In January 2016 he went back already and has been in Sodwana Bay since. When he first arrived he had never been on the ocean, but it didn't take him long to go all the way up to instructor. And not just that: Paul got the hang of tec-diving and so he continued his journey diving up to normoxic trimix. 
Living close to the coast was always on Paul's bucket-list and Sodwana is Paul's absolute Happy Place!

Chris Beningfield

Dive Master, Instructor

Chris is a trainee/intern that joined us in early 2019. He was trained from zero to hero by Robyn while he learned all about the industry & ocean from the rest of the team, and qualified as an instructor in 2021! His bubbly and excited attitude make him a pleasure to have around. His favorite part of the job is meeting all of the new people that come to experience Sodwana with us.

Favourite Ocean Creature: Longnose Hawkfish

Ben Ndube

Ground Crew


Ben is a true born & bred Sodwanian. Ben went to school in the area and joined the Pisces Team in 1997 when he was 15! That's a long time, so most of our family members will know Ben very well and can't deny he is an incredibly helpful and happy guy!

Favourite Ocean Creature: UmKhomo – Whale – Watching the Humpback Whales breaching.

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Thabani Nxumalo

Ground Crew


Thabani joined the Pisces Family in 2008. When Thabani first started working with Pisces he was a rather quiet guy. That's hard to believe when you see him now! Thabani has spend a lot of time in the pool to learn how to swim. No one can take take the smile of his face now when he snorkels in the rockpools or out at sea!

Favourite Ocean Creature: UmKhomo – Whale –

Watching the Humpback Whales breaching  

Tajana Phoenix

Freelance Dive Master


Tajana joined our family early 2021. She completed her second year of university in 2020 before joining our crew as a trainee/intern; going from zero to hero. She has grown phenomenally since then and has become a wonderful part of the Pisces family. She loves being in Sodwana; learning about the ocean, all the beautiful marine life, and how to truly become a good diver. She is a funny and hardworking individual, and a true pleasure to be around. Her favourite part of it all is absolutely everything! 

Favourite ocean creature: Nudibranchs

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Savannah Olivier

Freelance Instructor, Dive Master

Savannah is a born and bred in Sodwana, she is the original Pisces Child and spent her first couple of years in a shoe box on the beach while Mom and Dad ran Pisces Diving. It is no wonder that she grew up in the ocean waves and started her diving career at a very young age. Being priveleged to have the ocean on her doorstep, her love and knowledge of the sea has grown stronger within the years. Capturing every pinnacle of her life through her passion for photography, both above and below the waves.

Savannah lives & works elsewhere in South Africa at the moment, but when visiting home it's like she's never been away.

Favourite Ocean Creature: Pygmy Seahorse.

Rogan Borrill

Freelance Skipper, Instructor, Dive Master.

Born in Johannesburg, Rogan was an ocean child stuck in the city. As soon as he finished school he moved to the coast and is finally ‘home’. He has been diving for 12years and became a surf launch skipper in 2016. Rogan has 2 Sardine Run’s as a Dive Master under his belt and feels blessed to have experienced so many amazing ocean gifts.

Rogan lives & works elsewhere in South Africa at the moment, but when visiting home it's like he's never been away.

Favourite Ocean Creature: Brydes Whale.

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