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“Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.”

We know one of the most important things about your trip is the people you meet. At Pisces Diving we don't just want to take you on from A to B during a dive. We want to get to know you and give you an amazing experience!
Come and join our awesome team for diving and hang out with us after your dives!

Meet our family

Louis: Pisces Diving Owner and LEGENDARY Skipper

​Louis Olivier

Owner, Skipper, Dive Master


Louis Olivier – Owner, Skipper, Dive Master.

Louis qualified as an Open Water diver in 1991 and started Pisces Diving shortly after in 1994.His passion is his work and his work is his pleasure and is the driving force behind his incredible Pisces Team.He loves diving and always finds something unique and special to share with fellow divers.“The ocean has given me the biggest gift ever, a daughter who shares my passion and the opportunity to share my love and passion for the ocean and my work with her”.His best day ever was his daughters first dive.

Favourite Ocean Creature: Great White Shark, Glaucus atlanticus and the Hypocampus Nalu

Naide figueira henriques

Front of House / Office Manager & Beach Control

Naide moved from a remote, arid and beautiful Namaqualand to the opposite: the stunning and amazing Sodwana Bay! A 5 year temporary plan eventually progressed to a permanent home base!!

Hospitality is what Naide, eats, breathes and sleeps and has been an integral part of her life from an impressionable young age till present! Her love for all animals has been extended and included the love for all oceanic creatures and what the mesmerizing ocean presents with regards to its topography and diversity of fish species.

She shares her unlimited passion for the ocean with all our clients and encouraging the adventurous exploration of what the ocean provides!

Currently she is a novice diver with unquestionable, determination and aspiration to enhance aiming to consistently improving her current knowledge and skills!! Her deep rooted passion and believe is to conserve our extraordinary marine protected area which we need to all realise is all of ours responsibility to conserve without limitations!!

Favourite Ocean Creature: All Shark species and the magnificent Whales!!

Naide: Pisces Diving Office Manageress and Beach Control!
Anna: PADI Instructor

Anna Biesheuvel

Instructor, Dive Master

Anna is the permanent tourist within Pisces. Born and bred in Holland, raised as an absolute water baby with any water sport you can think of. After too many years of studying she left Holland in 2015 to travel Asia and Africa for ‘a few months’. But then she came past Sodwana and here she still is, a few years later.. Anna has a huge passion for the ocean and diving, and still feels as excited as an open water student to go diving! Eager to learn about everything in the ocean there she’s very happy to be part of this beautiful Pisces family.

Favourite Ocean Creature: The orca (although I’m still praying and hoping to bump into one)

Paul Prinsloo

Instructor, Dive Master

Paul was born and raised in a small farming town called Amersfoort (Mpumalanga). He arrived in Sodwana for a holiday in December 2015. However, he fell in love so after his holiday he returned straight away! In January 2016 he went back already and has been in Sodwana Bay since. When he first arrived he had never been on the ocean, but it didn't take him long to go all the way up to instructor. And not just that: Paul got the hang of tec-diving and so he continued his journey diving up to normoxic trimix. 
Living close to the coast was always on Paul's bucket-list and Sodwana is Paul's absolute Happy Place!

Paul: PADI Instructor
Nick: PADI Dive Master
Nick de Beer

 Freelance Dive Master


Born and raised in Durban (not to mention incredibly proud), Nick did his open water course when he was 12 years old- had revisited it in 2021 when he started his divemaster internship and found an incredible passion in it. The joy that diving and sighting all the intricacies of the ocean spark in him, is nothing short of extraordinary. The ocean and diving have breathed an insanely profound sense of life and purpose in him and he hopes to pursue a diving career so much further than his dive masters. His happiness and inspiration are radiant, especially when he comes up from dives beaming about that particular days spottings. 

Favourite sea creature: Frog fish (and really anything from the angler fish family)

Ben Ndube

Ground Crew


Ben is a true born & bred Sodwanian. Ben went to school in the area and joined the Pisces Team in 1997 when he was 15! That's a long time, so most of our family members will know Ben very well and can't deny he is an incredibly helpful and happy guy!

Favourite Ocean Creature: UmKhomo – Whale – Watching the Humpback Whales breaching.

Ben has been working with his Pisces Diving Family for more than 15 years!
Thabani has been working with his Pisces Diving family for more than 15 years!
Thabani Nxumalo

Ground Crew


Thabani joined the Pisces Family in 2008. When Thabani first started working with Pisces he was a rather quiet guy. That's hard to believe when you see him now! Thabani has spend a lot of time in the pool to learn how to swim. No one can take take the smile of his face now when he snorkels in the rockpools or out at sea!

Favourite Ocean Creature: UmKhomo – Whale –

Watching the Humpback Whales breaching  

Jade Timm

Padi Staff Instructor, Instructor, Dive Master

Jade was born in Richards Bay and raised in Nelspruit. Her love for diving came from her father, who was a renowned technical diver. She became a qualified diver when she was 12 years old. Over the years, she continued with her diving courses and eventually became an instructor. She was meant to be here for a gap year, but Sodwana has become her home. When she's not diving or going on adventures with her friends, she is studying brand communication part-time online. "I know it’s a cheesy thing to say but I really enjoy teaching people how to dive and giving them the tools they need to explore the ocean. Not enough people get to experience it."

Favorite ocean creature: Whale shark (she's still yet to see one though)

Jade: PADI Staff Instructor
Tajana: PADI Dive Master

Dive Master, Goal to be an Instructor

Bio to follow.......

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