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12/11/19 Summer is here!

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Divesite: Chain & Bikini Reef Depth: 21 - 16m.

Current: None Viz: 25m. Temp: 25C

Without hesitation today we got stuck straight into it: no clouds, no wind, no rain, summer is here! Sodwana bay showing off with 25 meters viz. Not only was it good at the surface, underwater it got even better! Silver tip shark, juvenile hawksbill turtle, potato bass everywhere and barnacle Bob: our resident loggerhead turtle on Chain Reef! Also the macro goodies once again didn’t let us down: Nudibranchs, tube anemone crab, paperfish, pipefish, and so on! Wauw, wauw, wauw, what a days diving!

Photo by Anna Biesheuvel

Photo by Savannah Olivier

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