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18/11/19 Bikini on fire!

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Reef: Bikini Depth: 21 - 18 m. Current: None Viz: 15+ m. Temp: 24C

We had a very hesitant start of the day, as the South-westerly wind brought us a lot of rain. We delayed the launch a bit and our patience paid off! At about 10 o’clock there was lull so off we went to Bikini Reef! 15+ meter visibility, turquoise blue, 24 degrees temperature and Bikini Reef had an absolute heartbeat today! Macro was the call of the day: scribbled pipefish, scarlet cleaner-shrimp and huge Tassled Scorpionfish. Bikini was absolutely living up to her name as a cleaning station, as all the fish were there to get serviced!

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