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Another Amazing Weekend!

Temp: 26C Viz: 15-20m. Current: very little Surface conditions: flat!! Reefs: Southern Chain, 4-mile, 5-mile Pothole & 8-mile Ramseys

Another amazing weekend..

The water was a warm 26 degrees and the visibility 15+ meter. On our way to 4, 5 and 8-mile we had big pots of dolphins playing with the boat and the waves, what a show they gave us both days! During our dives Neptune kept on giving: on 8-mile we came across a huge Loggerhead Turtle and a Black Tip Reef Shark decided to join our group for the entire dive!

Other nice sightings this weekend were Squad Lobsters, several Scorpion Fish, schooling fish and a Titan Trigger Fish carrying a huge piece of coral. Crocodile fish, a very small juvenile Scorpion Fish and different Rays for days! Oh Sodwana Bay.. Do we need say more?

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