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Neptune keeps on giving!

Viz: 20+ meters

Temp: 26C

Current: very little - none

Surface conditions: like a fish tank, flat!

Dive sites: 9 mile, 8 mile, 7 mile, 5 mile, Anton's, Stringer

The summer conditions just don’t stop and the dives just get better! This weekend we dived 9 mile, 7 mile several times, 8 mile, 5 mile and of course 2-mile. The Raggie season is still ON with 12 Raggie’s on Saturday’s morning dive. We’ve come across snow white Paperfish, a juvenile Grey Reefshark, Orangutan Crabs, juvenile Razor Wrasse and several Honeycomb Rays at Anton’s. Not to forget the big Loggerhead Turtles that we’ve come across almost every dive. Every time you think it can’t get better, Neptune’s pulls another special sighting out of his hat!

Summertime.. We love it!

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