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The summer keeps on going and Neptune keep on sending sharks!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Last weekend we had amazing dives, again! While divers were getting stunned by the amazing topography at 9 and 7 mile, the Ragged Tooth Sharks just kept on coming. These massive females have been around for so many months now, but every time you get to see them from up close is still so special!

And then there is Pothole (5-mile). While enjoying the abundance of micro-life, fish around the pothole, the incredible visibility (see photo!) we couldn’t get around the sharks: 3 White Tips and 2 Grey Reefsharks.

Even during the night dive we had at Stringer it was all about sharks. Night dives are always special as we need such perfect conditions, and especially this night dive will never be forgotten! At least 6 sharks (4 Grey Reefs & 2 White Tips) were seen, busy hunting, trying to intimidate the divers, proving their behavior truly differs between (and like) day and night.

And what is better than coming up from a night dive and have this enormous moon lighting up the ocean?

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