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What a week!!

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

This week has been absolutely phenomenal! Starting of on 2 mile just to get the lungs warm.. Ending up at 7 mile yesterday where which we didn’t want to leave and thus ended up doing a double tank.. Loggerheads mating on the surface, a leatherback on the surface, spinner & bottle nose dolphins ánd a Black Tip Reefshark cruising past our boat! And that was just yesterday! While diving this week more Turtles, a Silver Tip Shark and a Leopard/Zebrashark! We saw amazing stuff ranging from some of the biggest Potato Basses and Diamond/Butterfly Ray to the brightest Paperfish, Nudi’s and the amazing corals has to offer! Thanks Marique & Kurt for joining us this week!

Photo by Savannah Olivier

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